Robotics Clubs USA is making a difference by giving students an opportunity to learn about engineering and robotics with a hands-on experience. We utilize a number of different resources, including Lego kits, EV3 MindStorm, Technics, Kapla Block, Power Construction, Vex, etc. 


Our Mission:

                           "Turning Today's Youth Into Tomorrow's Engineers & Entrepreneurs!" 


All summer camps and future programs are suspended until further notice due to uptick in COVID19 cases in San Antonio


This is with a heavy heart and one of the hardest things I've had to do in my professional life.


I know that many small businesses have disappeared because of COVID. Robotics Clubs USA is no different. A flourishing business that offered STEM (engineering and robotics) enrichment programs through hands-on learning for students in grades K - 12 has been brought to its knees. We have been completely consumed by this pandemic. Many of our instructors have been devastated and forced to find other means to make a living. I couldn't feel more responsible that I'm not able to do more for my team.


My heart breaks that I'm unable to fulfill the mission of providing STEM enrichment programs across San Antonio - Turning Todays' Youth Into Tomorrow's Engineers and Entrepreneurs.


With so much uncertainty around returning to school and a lack of guidance to provide quality programs, I'm concerned that our return will be extremely difficult. On-line learning is a stopgap, as we try to understand the future, but it's only that. At some point students will need to have that hands-on experience.


Please pray for all those small businesses that are struggling and unable to return to work, not because they don't want to, but because they simply can't!


At this time I am looking to sell off equipment: EV3 robotics kit and a laptop computer for $400 per set. I also have nearly a thousand Lego kits: StarWars, MineCraft, Creator, City, and Technics that I will be parting with. I will be posting a. list of Lego kits *(used) with model numbers at heavily discounted prices. I also have thousands of loose Lego and technic pieces that I can sell in bulk. There are also some cool educational drones and other STEM items e.g. rockets and other hands-on resources that I will list as well.


If you are interested please DM me or call us - Contact can be found on our website:


My prayer for all those struggling businesses with hard decisions. to make:


Dear Lord, please look over all those business owners that are struggling, trying to find a way to survive during these uncertain times. Wrap your arms around them and help them with difficult decisions they are faced with. Give them strength and look over them with your love and grace. In you name I pray! Amen

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We Currently have programs at: 

Hope Church (San Antonio)


Fall 2020 Classes:

North East ISD

Bricks & MiniFigs

Northside ISD

Comal ISD

Hope Church


We promote science, technology, engineering and critical thinking by delivering educational programs and lifestyle solutions that stimulate and encourage engagement by our students in the development of competitive spirit, idea creation, leadership, life-skills, and self-confidence.


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