Robotics Clubs USA is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education company that is disruptive to the technology industry by offering STEM educational programs to students ages 8 and up. The company intends to transform today's youth into the next generation engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.


Robotics Clubs USA provides classes based on a STEM curriculum and competition clubs to youth ages 8 and up.

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Robotics Clubs USA is here to provide young girls and boys the opportunity to learn science, technology and engineering in a fun and engaging environment. Over the last several decades the United States has fallen behind in STEM. The US is losing its competitive edge and our youth are less engaged and prepared for careers in STEM related fields. The founders of Robotics Clubs USA realized that there is a void in STEM related programs in our community and that there are a number of families looking for programs that will enhance their child's enrichment in STEM. Robotics Clubs USA wants to get our youth engaged in programs that can help them grow and learn these fields of study, while having a blast doing it.


Robotics Clubs USA currently serves the greater San Antonio, Texas area. We partner with public schools, private schools, churches, corporations and other organizations that can help us reach our target market. Please see our contact us page so we can send you more information.

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In today's age, children and adolescents are having to make a decision of what direction or interest they should focus on and parents are seeking additional opportunities for their children. This is resulting in a trend where parents are seeking programs that will enhance their child’s odds for success and harnessing their talents. Robotics Clubs USA's established curriculum is designed to develop and inspire our young girls and boys to a higher level and hopefully have them progress into science and engineering fields of study and future careers. Our competition clubs offer leadership, team building, design and troubleshooting experience in a hands-on, fun and engaging environment.


Robotics Clubs USA is lead by experience! Over the last 6 years the founders and executive leadership team have championed several robotics teams and brought home wins in entry level all the way to advanced level robotics. Competitions for our students have participated in include: GEAR, US FLL (First Lego League) and FTC (First Tech Challenge), MATE, and VEX. Please see our about us page so you can learn more about the company's leadership.

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