Why Us?

What makes our company unique?


We are owned and operated by Dr. Jeffrey Kahl. - He is a lifelong learner and has a passion for technology. He loves inspiring today's youth, opening their minds to new ideas and equipping students with the tools to become lifelong learners and effective problem solvers. He maintains a high level of quality by keeping programs "in-house" and consults with educators from around the area to ensure he is offering cutting edge programs.   


We excite students about science and technology with the goal of turning them into problem solvers and critical thinkers. – We want all of our students and employees to be excited about science and technology. Problem solving is one of our core values!


We are a company that does it the right way. – yes you heard that right! Too often business owners and operators get so caught up in “being corporate”, that they forget the people who are working for them and bringing them success. This is not how Dr. Kahl operates. He believes in building an engaged team and giving each member a sense of ownership.  We are all working for the same purpose - to educate and inspire today's youth. 


We have a passion for youth and the success of future generations. – We really want all students who go through our programs to feel excited about their future. We want all of them to be as successful as they can be.


We are a growing company and are expanding to a variety of locations. -  We currently host robotics and engineering programs in four school districts and work with industry partners, and community organizations, such as churches and private schools. We are continually looking to grow and expand our reach.


We only work with dedicated instructors. - Our instructors believe in our mission - "Turning Today's Youth Into Tomorrow's Engineers and Entrepreneurs!" They are selected based upon educational experience and their interest in technology. We are always looking for team members who love technology and want to make a difference. 


Lots of LEGO® - There are over 500 different Lego® kits and bins with tens of thousands of loose pieces for free builds and tons of projects for creative builds beyond their wildest imaginations. To paraphrase from a memorable movie - "If they come, they will build it!"


Our students are learning, and they don't even know it - We explore, solve problems, and share our ideas. Our curriculum is specifically designed by educators and engineers, to embrace students with competitive fun!  


We have a loyal following. - Many of our students take our camps multiple times, and some even become assistant instructors!



Our core values


Putting Our Students First - We believe in equipping students with tools to be successful problem solvers and to create an environment where they feel comfortable expressing their thoughts and ideas, as they explore new areas of engineering and technology.


Keeping Technology A Close Second! – We are a technology company, that delivers educational products to our clients and customers. We use technology as the tool for good that it is meant to be.


Acting Honestly and Transparently, Aligned to a Moral Compass – We always do the right thing both morally and ethically. We tell the truth; we do not obfuscate; we share information; we follow the path of what is right.


Getting’r Done! – Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today. We focus on accomplishments and creating value by getting the important things completed now. We deliver on our promises.


Striving For Continuous Improvement – Both as a company and as individuals, we believe that we must continuously improve. Change is a good thing to embrace. We should always strive to improve and innovate consistently and constantly.


Solving Problems – An Engineer is a problem solver! So is every single member of our team and our family. We do not let problems get in the way of great solutions.


If you should have any questions or want to learn more about Robotics Clubs USA you can call (210) 350-3112 for more information.


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